Citizen of the Year

April 2017 – Official date to be announced shortly

The Morinville Lions Club will be presenting the Citizen of the Year!

Each year the Morinville Lions presents the citizen of the year award to someone. The closing date changes on an annual basis, so check back in march of every year for the dates for both the entry deadlines and the volunteer appreciation evening, where the award is presented!

The Citizen of the Year Award is open to ANY member/family of Morinville who volunteers for ANY organization. All nominations will be judged based on up to 10 years of volunteer work. The volunteer work does not need to be with one organization. If the nominee has volunteered for more than one organization, total all the volunteer work the individual/family has done over the years.

Any individual or family that has made a significant contribution to the community is eligible.

Deadline:  Friday March 18, 2016.

All Nominations are confidential and are judged by 3 Lions members and the previous years’ Citizen of the Year.  If the previous Citizen of the Year is a Lions member, the commmittee will select a community member of Morinville as a judge.

Morinville Lions Club member Neil McDougall, Vice-Chair of the Lions Club Awards Committee and President Francis Fryters (far right) presented the Morinville Lions Citizen of the year trophy to Morinville & District Chamber of Commerce President Simon Boersma. The presentation took place 9 April at the Town of Morinville Volunteer Appreciation Evening held at the Community Cultural Centre.

The 2014 Morinville Lions Citizen of the Year Award was presented to Francis Fryters. Fryters has volunteered since at least 1968 and is still very active today. His legacy of volunteerism affects the whole community, the lives saved by the Blood Donor Clinic, the fundraising for kids to benefit from a School Lunch Program, fundraising for high Schools students to receive a scholarship and volunteering at the Lions Western Canadian High School volleyball tournament or just some of his many contributions to the community.

2014 Simon Boersma
2013 Francis Fryters
2012 Serge and Stacey Froment
2011 Joanne and Rick Hughes
2010 Ken & Isabel Skjerven
2009 Gary Pool
2008 Gerry Morrow
2007 Georgie Davies
2006 John McNalley
2005 Wayne Willis
2004 Mansoor Ladha
2003 Leo(Spike) Flannigan
2002 Laurel Kading
2001 Harvey Atkinson
2000 Nicole Chevrier
1999 Ronda Stapleton
1998 Jack Reader
1997 Lil & Gibert Boddez
1996 Judy Reader
1995 Rene Chevalier
1994 Tom Turner
1993 Henry and Lorraine Lamoureux
1992 Brian Hutchings
1991Sharon Kruger
1990 Harry Brown
1989 Sharon Beaumont
1988 Rena Bland
1987 Candice (Candy)Bradburn
1986 Marguerite Remillard
1985 Danny Clarke,
1984 Jean-Marc Michaud
1983 Verna Biollo
1982 John Unsworth
1981 Bjorg Carlson
1980 Cam Dubord
1979 Ephrem Beaupre Family
1978  Anna Kryskow
1977 Paul Ellis
1976 Norman Chalifoux
1975 Ross Quinn
1974 Ed Kryskow
1973 Flo McInnis
1972 A.J.(Bert) Craig
1971 Raymond McDonald
1970 Peter A. Gibeault
1969 Art Stapleton
1968 Rev. G.H. Primeau